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We invented the “rackless” flight-type dishwasher and continue to lead the industry with continuous conveyor dishwashers that are more durable, energy and water efficient, easier to use and just more productive—by design!

Blakeslee means Durability

Blakeslee dishwashers are designed and manufactured in America’s Heartland to the highest quality, performance and reliability standards, using the best materials available, by skilled craftsmen proud of our heritage of innovation and quality!

  • We use 1/2″ thick stainless steel conveyor rods—the strongest in the industry!
  • We use stainless steel conveyor rollers—not plastic rollers!
  • There are no protruding belt link posts on our conveyor, which eliminates broken links.
  • A patented Internal Recirculation System eliminates external pumps, risers and plumbing.
  • One piece welded spray pipes and spray boxes won’t clog or need replacement.
  • Our all stainless steel main frame provides tank stability and extra strength.
  • The maintenance-free all-stainless belt drive has a built-in safe switch.
  • Slide-out, heavy-duty sectional scrap screens cover each tank.


Blakeslee means Efficiency

The Blakeslee Quick-Start Plus Consumption Saver reduces water usage and the energy used to heat wash and pre-wash water by:

  • Initially filling the Rinse Tank with both 140 and 180° F water;
  • Then pumping it into the Wash Tank at about 160° F.
  • An overflow fills the Pre-Wash Tank from the Wash Tank.
  • Makeup water is reclaimed from the Rinse Tank. Cleaning water and its energy is recycled and used in all tanks.
  • When steam is available, steam injection or steam coil heated models can be specified to reduce water-heating costs.


Blakeslee means Performance

Blakeslee flight-type dishwashers outperform competitive models, with:

  • An exclusive “underslung conveyor link design that lowers the belt height.
  • Our “underslung” belt link design allows direct loading of dishes/plates, trays, bake pans, cups and glass, plus easy rack loading—without lifting!
  • Upper spray pipes and lower “Sani-Stream” spray boxes deliver torrential spray volume and complete coverage, for more effective cleaning action
  • Our Quick-Start System reduces the time for all tanks to come up to temperature.
  • Quick-Start Plus Consumption Saver means 160° F water is used in the Wash Tank [not 140° F], which helps cut grease and improves cleaning action.

Blakeslee means Ease of Use

Employee safety and better working conditions is key to employee efficiency and reducing staff turnover. Blakeslee Flight-Type Dishwashers are easier to load, unload, clean and maintain.

  • 57-1/2” overall unit height doesn’t block the view and is easier to clean.
  • 34” belt height allows dish tables to lip-in anywhere.
  • Unique underslung belt link design allows no-lifting, slide-on of dish racks
  • 30” wide tank “zero-clearance” doors provide easy access for tank cleaning
  • Easy to remove and clean upper spray manifolds and lower spray boxes


Blakeslee means Modular Design Flexibility

The Blakeslee Flight-Type Dishwashing Systems is modular and can be designed to fit the space, layout and structural constraints of any dishroom. They can be sized to meet your peak demand for clean ware, with:

  • One, two or three tank models, plus pre-wash combinations;
  • Standard 20” belt or a 30” extra-wide belt;
  • Modular tank sizes [lengths] to match dishroom space, dish capacity and your budget
  • Choice of a 2-1/2’ or 4’ Load Section or custom lengths;
  • Choice of a 4’ or 6’ Unload Section or custom lengths;
  • Choice of electric, gas or steam [coil or injection] Tank Heating; plus
  • Custom Flight-A-Round Systems [See below]


Blakeslee Flight-A-Round Systems

Blakeslee Flight-A-Round Systems integrate our modular flight-type sections in a continuous, closed loop configuration that can be designed as a compact oval, square, rectangle or even a triangle. These conveyor configurations provide more dishware loading and unloading area or can be used to separate loading areas, unloading areas and machine location in different rooms. If multi-tank warewashers are too long for a single side, our Pre-Wash, Wash or Rinse Modules can be positioned on different sides. We can help you design a Flight-A-Round System that is ideal for you!

Model Number Number & Type of Tank Modules Total Tank Length* F Series 20″ Wide Belt [Dishes/Hour] XF Series 30″ Wide Belt [Dishes/Hour] Spec Sheet
F/XF-PL-64 Single [Wash], w/Pre-Wash 64″ 9066 8220 N/A
F/XF-PM-74 Single [Wash], w/Pre-Wash 74″ 9066 8220 N/A
F/XF-LLL-72 Two Tanks: Wash & Rinse 72″ 7200 10,800 N/A
F/XF-LL-80 Two Tanks: Wash & Rinse 80″ 9066 13,900 Download
F/XF-MM-100 Two Tanks: Wash & Rinse 100″ 9066 13,900 Download
F/XF-PEE-96 Two Tanks: [Wash & Rinse], w/Pre-Wash 96″ 7200 10,800 Download
F/XF-PLL-104 Two Tanks: [Wash & Rinse], w/Pre-Wash 104″ 9066 13,900 Download
F/XF-PMM-124 Two Tanks: [Wash & Rinse], w/Pre-Wash 124″ 9066 13,900 Download
F/XF-LLL-120 Three Tanks: Pre-Wash, Wash & Rinse 120″ 9066 13,900 Download
F/XF-LMM-140 Three Tanks: Pre-Wash, Wash & Rinse 140″ 9066 13,900 Download
F/XF-MMM-150 Three Tanks: Pre-Wash, Wash & Rinse 150″ 9066 13,900 Download